Amo conventum instituti

A converging series of noncommutative events.

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I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good, therefore, that I can do or any kindness I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it for I shall not pass this way again. (Stephen Grellet)

I am currently a graduate student at UMCP in physics, with a side job as a consultant. There are many places in the world I have lived, and many experineces -- good and bad -- I've been through. Unfortunatly, writing or reading about them would probably be pretty boring. You're better off talking or otherwise interacting with me. Speaking of which, I've come to vastly prefer person-to-person conversation over anything electronic. My phone number won't be posted here for obvious reasons, but since I'm willing to give it out to just about anybody I know, chances are if you have a good reason to ask for it I'll give it to you. Journal entries may seem incomplete; call me if you're actually interested in what's going on in my life. I'm happy to share, but hate to bore.

For those who need to know, pretty much all my relevant contact information is in a locked entry.

If you want to know what I do, generally, here's an idea. Most of my time is spent at the College Park campus, either doing my own work or doing TA related duties. Since taking work home does not sit well with me, I spend as much time as I can doing work in my office, so that when I get home I can not worry about school. Since I just entered the graduate program, I have about two years of classes before I start my PhD research. (I have a journal for my teaching and research, too.)

Other than that? I like watching movies... a lot. And TV, though I'm not really up-to-date on broadcast television since my schedule makes me miss most primetime shows. So most of what I end up watching is anime, which is usually better than a lot of domestic shows, with a few very notable exceptions. I also play video games. I also love Star Trek. That's pretty much the extent of my geeky hobbies.

About 0% of me is artistic. However, photography is technical enough that even I can enjoy it, so pretty much any artistic outlet I participate in is from behind the lens. (My best shots are in my gallery.) Chances are if you met me either through mutual friends or a convention, you'll remember me as one of the guys with a camera. Mostly I go to cons in the mid-atlantic region, but I love to travel, so I end up in places far and wide for all kinds of things.

And should you care, I have a twitter, too.

I believe in time,
matter, and energy,
which make up the whole of the world.

I believe in reason, evidence and the human mind,
the only tools we have;
they are the product of natural forces
in a majestic but impersonal universe,
grander and richer than we can imagine,
a source of endless opportunities for discovery.

I believe in the power of doubt;
I do not seek out reassurances,
but embrace the question,
and strive to challenge my own beliefs.

I accept human mortality.

We have but one life,
brief and full of struggle,
leavened with love and community,
learning and exploration,
beauty and the creation of
new life, new art, and new ideas.

I rejoice in this life that I have,
and in the grandeur of a world that preceded me,
and an earth that will abide without me.


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