Ollie (saber_rider) wrote,

Katsucon Photos (mostly) done!


Katsucon report

I think I have once before managed to get pics up within one day of the con, back when I was between JHU and IDA, and had nothing to commit to. No captions: too much work for too little use. Report? Eh, maybe. Pictures are what the site is really there for. I still have a few to do manually, but for the most part, the pics are up. Enjoy.

New York ComiCon

In a bout of perhaps stupidity, I'm thinking of hitting up NYCC this weekend. (You may remember that the problems I had last semester stemmed in fair measure from going out of state virtually every weekend.) In a bout of intelligence, I'm making a trip up very contengent on things. (a) Homework and all such is done for the following week, same as grading. (b) I've read up on everything I need to check up on, etc. (c) Most important: I'm not still recovering from Katsucon. Yes, Katsucon was so awesome it might take that long. But, I need my weekends to chill out. The whole Saturday badge availability is a lesser issue, since, well, I'm going up moreso because I already miss everyboby from this last weekend.

Spring Break WOO!

One way or another, I am NOT waiting until either BBQ or Animazement to see people. Anime Boston is looking quite appealing, though I admittedly will be subjecting it to the same constraints as NYCC. Or, since spring semester means spring break WOO! I will have some time then to do some real road trippin'. It's March 21st to 28th. Just FYI. We'll see. I'm thinking of two weekends in particular that may be good for the Spring BBQ. Will post about it later.

I'm sure -- or would at least like to think -- that Peter Patrelli or Hiro Nakamura were close seconds. But I figure it's quite fitting I'd be:

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