Ollie (saber_rider) wrote,


...that's what a con should be like.

I remember last Katsucon being a blast, but this year was even better. In fact, as I mentioned, this has been the most enjoyable convention I've been to in recent memory. No long report, just some basic things. Like I may have mentioned, I have been putting the website on the back burner for a while now; real life just takes precedent.

I think the best part was doing more Silent Hill photos upstairs. I had the ladies posing in the dark pits of hell, then I went back there myself. It was goddamn creepy. A very close second was Friday night chilling in the lobby. Both nights were great; I didn't get to sleep till 5am both nights because I had good reasons to stay up and have fun with everybody.

Walking back and forth to the Churchill is not quite as bad as it seems.

The cosplay was very good. Of the 17 skits, only two were not that great; and even then, they were okay. I do have to wonder about the policies they had in place, and I can see a lot of backlash coming about. But I saw nothing unfair happening. The only real mistake was by the staff/judges going in and trying to explain themselves. They're the judges, they don't have to explain themselves. At least, not until somebody brings it up to them. But, given the pressure of the situation, it's hard to keep all that in mind. Either way, I was throughly entertained. Props to Lionel for the aspirin I desperately needed. Oops dehydration.

Good news: I got the pics downloaded, and tonight they go through the wringer (photoshop). I'm going to give up on captioning them all; it's just too much work for too little return. So, if all goes well, they should be up Tuesdayish. Like, this week. Not next month.

Anywho, some of my favorites. More to come, but this is what I felt like sharing tonight. Anybody in the pictures, I'll have border-less versions available on the real website. Many thanks to everybody who complimented my on any of the pictures; my thanks go out to all of you. You guys do all the work -- work I know from personal experience can be pretty demanding -- and I get a bunch of great subjects for photos. Looking through some of the pics, I have to be slightly hubristic and be proud of my work. I really like all these photos.

Renee is awesome.

Nicole and... JJ?

It came out grainy and blurry, but I still like it. Good thing there's like 20 more so I can get another few. (The cherry ones worked out really well.)

We found Silent Hill on the 9th floor. Creepy as fuck -- if I have nightmares anytime soon, it'll be about that place.

My favorite Haruhi. Darcy oddly has a similar personality... hrm...

Another crappy shot that I actually love. Callie has the best expression, and the trees were great.

This is probably my favorite shot of the whole weekend. I got one before it of Tamaki and Renge posing, but Becky literally slid into the shot, and this was the result. I like it because I think we all need to learn to smile more often.


EDIT: So it looks like this would be the last time I may be seeing pretty much anybody until the Spring BBQ. This makes me sad. I will have to figure out something.
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